OffKai Expo

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OffKai Expo The VTuber Convention

June 16 - 18, 2023 at Hyatt Regency, Burlingame, California

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Special thanks to all of this year’s sponsors. Find out more about them below!


Grand Sponsor - Idol Corp

idol is a VTuber agency dedicated to nurturing and promoting the next generation of virtual talents. Our passion lies in empowering creative minds to spark joy and inspire the world through authentic and diverse content, transcending the boundaries of traditional entertainment. With a keen focus on innovation, we strive to provide the ideal platform for our talented VTubers to express themselves and connect with audiences globally.

Main Stage Sponsor - VStream

Our mission is to elevate culture by providing our expanding community with top-quality exclusive content and cutting-edge features. With a focus on enhancing the evolution of the culture, we strive to deliver unparalleled content and resources to our users, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the world we have created. Dream it, stream it – we can to make it happen.

Karaoke and General Sponsor

Creating Our Mirai, Creating Our World. V4Mirai is a brand new English VTuber project from Brave Group, known for Japanese VTuber groups like VSPO!, RIOT Music, and Palette Project. We are here to entertain the world. We are here to rock the world. We are here to connect the world. These are the aspirations of our charming performers as we provide them a stage to shine and nurture their unique talents.

Maid Cafe and more Sponsor

VShojo’s mission is to help VTubers turn their passion into a profession through dedicated management, tech innovations, collaboration, and support.

Community Stage Sponsor - Wonders.AI is committed to creating a world in which Artificial General Intelligence is treated as an equal and can interact with us on a personal level. By assigning each AI Companion a unique personality, we create AI companions that seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, enriching and enhancing our experiences. Our goal is to build a world where users coexist with their beloved characters, forming meaningful connections with their AI companions.

Cosplay Showcase Sponsor - V1 TECH

From the inventors of RGB Backlit PC Mod Parts, V1 Tech is combining art and technology to take gaming setups to the next level! They believe in making it possible for anyone to make their setups uniquely their own using highly customizable products. V1 Tech has become the leader in Back Lit Plexi Glass and Acrylic Wall Art that compliments their PC Mod Parts and Gaming PCs!

Studio Élan

Studio Élan is an international video game studio making yuri visual novels. We create uplifting stories with a dash of fantasy and magic. Our completed works include “Highway Blossoms,” “Heart of the Woods,” and “Please Be Happy.” We also publish other LGBT visual novels under our subbrand Bellhouse.

Phase Connect

Phase Connect is a Canadian based Virtual Youtuber agency. We strive to create the most authentic and entertaining content for our viewers. Our goal is to make laughter a part of everyone’s lives and create a community where happiness can be passed around! Together, we aim to make the Vtuber rabbit hole a little bit deeper!

Vite Ramen

The passionate Mad Scientists of the noodle world who fight for ethical business practices, stand up for what’s right, and have fun being just a ‘lil on the wild side.

V&U (Virtual & Universe)

V&U is a Vtuber agency based in South Korea that aims to introduce a new virtual universe to English-speaking fans. They specialize in creating high-quality virtual experiences through virtual entertainers and strive to showcase unique content that blends both South Korean and Western influences. was established to provide a secure, ethical, and impartial platform exclusively for the VTuber and VArtist community. Its primary objective is to offer a convenient and centralized platform where users can browse certified artwork, explore new artists, and commission artwork. Chuwu’s distinguishing feature is its emphasis on community input, confidentiality, and zero commission for artists, making it unique from other platforms.

Gamer Supps

GG® is a specialized Energy Formula that serves as an all-in-one health supplement to support your daily routine and help tackle any challenges that come your way. It contains Organic Caffeine, seven essential vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, nootropics, antioxidants and more, all of which contribute to enhancing your body and mind’s performance levels for a prolonged period.

Vtube Studio - Denchisoft

VTube Studio is an application that can be accessed on iPhone/iPad, Android, macOS, and Windows platforms. By using your smartphone or webcam, the app can track your facial movements and animate a Live2D Cubism Model accordingly. You can view the model directly on your phone or stream the face-tracking data from your phone to your PC/Mac over your local network to see it on a larger screen.

lucid Multimedia

“Expanding Horizons, Empowering Creativity”
lucid Multimedia is a US-based virtual entertainment talent agency that offers VTubers and digital content creators a dynamic platform to unleash their full creative potential. By championing the boundless freedom of artistic expression, we strive to transform dreams into reality, enrich lives, and create positive, impactful experiences.

lucid Multimedia’s mission is to democratize the business of the entertainment industry for content creators. We believe that artists affiliated with a company should have the right to radical freedom of speech and access to ethical business support.

Ironside Computers

With our in-house design team and the latest gen components, Ironside Computers strives to create PCs that fit both your personal style and performance needs. From our Limited Edition systems to our Creator Collabs, we strive to make something you can be proud to have as the centerpiece of your setup.

AKA Virtual

Based in Tokyo, AKA Virtual began its activities in Mar 2021. The agency boosts over 20 Virtual Talents. Originating from “Also Known As”, the AKA team enables other VTubers and VTuber agencies such as hololive & VShojo in their 3D lives, talk shows and digital content creation. The company utilises motion capture technology, and their in-house proprietary software to push for real-time rendered 3D immersive content, allowing creators to react to social media instantly. Enter this new era of endless entertainment in the digital space with AKA Virtual.


Elgato is a world-leading provider of audiovisual technology for content creators on all video sharing platforms.

Synonymous with quality and performance, Elgato products are either state-of-the-art inventions in their own right, or reimagined technologies designed to revolutionize creative workflows. Software and firmware are frequently updated to keep producers at the cutting edge of their craft. And cross-compatibility delivers a seamless user experience that keeps evolving as the Elgato ecosystem grows.

Production Kawaii

Production kawaii is a Japan-based English VTuber agency that aims to spread the culture of ‘kawaii’ to the world and make it a universal language. We strive to fuse the Japanese culture “kawaii” with Western influences, and shape a new style and work towards a future where V-idol/Vtuber is valued with universal popularity.


StreamElements provides tools and services for livestream and video production, monetization, audience engagement, influencer marketing, and brand sponsorships. This includes free cloud-based overlays, alerts, chatbots, loyalty and affiliate programs, merchandise storefronts, sponsorships, and brand safe moderation. In addition to powering over a million content creators across Twitch and YouTube, among others, StreamElements connects their massive audiences to brands through creator-driven performance and awareness marketing campaigns at scale. Learn more at

Special Thanks!

Game Saru

Leading Provider of arcades to conventions of all sizes.

AniCLover DJ Group

AniCLover is a DJ music event featuring anime, Vocaloid, and various otaku music, operating in the San Francisco Bay Area. We host frequent live events, within our local community, and online stream events featuring music performances by local and global artists.

Kelcema Audio

Long time partner of conventions from across the country. Our special thanks goes out to Ray and his team that work with conventions new and old to make the magic happen.


The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) is a heavy-rail public transit system that connects the San Francisco Peninsula with communities in the East Bay and South Bay. BART service currently extends as far as Millbrae, Richmond, Antioch, Dublin/Pleasanton, and Berryessa/North San José. BART operates in five counties (San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara) with 131 miles of track and 50 stations. For 50 years BART has provided fast, reliable transportation to downtown offices, shopping centers, tourist attractions, entertainment venues, universities and other destinations for Bay Area residents and visitors alike. BART’s vision is to support a sustainable and prosperous Bay Area by connecting communities with seamless mobility. BART’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, clean, quality transit service for riders.


HIKKY aims to develop the living, economic, and cultural spheres of the virtual world and create a society where all creative people can live more freely and abundantly. We pride ourselves as being a place for creators off all types and that specifically includes Vtubers. Be sure to checkout Virtual Market 2023 Summer, (July 17th ~ July 30th) Vket Music 5 (August 25th ~ September 3rd) and Virtual Market 2023 Winter (December 2nd ~ December 17th)