OffKai Expo

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OffKai Expo The VTuber Convention

May 31 - June 2, 2024 at Hyatt Regency, Burlingame, California

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OffChoir is OffKai Expo’s community choir! With a goal of bringing the VTuber fan community together, OffChoir will perform a medley of iconic VTuber songs from 2022-2023 to celebrate VTuber music.

Sign ups for this year’s OffChoir are now closed. Please look forward to a great performance!


What is OffChoir?

OffChoir is a community choir event held in-person at OffKai Expo! We will be performing a medley of popular VTuber songs in an SATB choir format.

Can I join if I have no choir experience?

Yes! OffChoir is open to all skill levels.

How do I join?

If you want to participate, you’re in! No formal sign-up is required, but there will be a confirmation of participants closer to the convention. Join the OffChoir Discord to stay up to date on the scheduled rehearsals and learn the score!

What if I don't know for sure if I'm coming to OffKai Expo?

Feel free to still learn and sing with us anyway! We’d rather you be prepared just in case ;D

How much of a time commitment is it at the convention?

Last year we had one rehearsal Friday, a rehearsal Saturday morning, and a rehearsal right before OffKai Live. Each of these rehearsals was around an hour! We don’t want to take up all of your con!

How will we rehearse?

Unfortunately, due to latency issues, we can’t really have a ‘real’ rehearsal before the choir: learning the music is largely your responsibility. HOWEVER! You aren’t alone: we will be holding several ‘office hours’ meetings to go over the music and answer questions!

What if I can't read sheet music?

No worries! Sheet music and audio guides will be provided! If you’d like to learn how to read sheet music, there will be a general meeting to go over the basics! Feel free to ask in Discord if you need any help!

About the Conductor

Evie (AKA eebeegames) is a VTuber and vocal coach. After years teaching in person, Evie combined her love of VTubing with her career to open the first VTuber centric vocal music studio in 2020. In 2024, Evie was able to leave her K-12 job to pursue running her vocal studio and work on other projects (like this one!) full-time.

When she’s not teaching or singing, you can find her streaming Skyrim and failing to rizz up local wenches.