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Badge ribbons are great! They are a load of fun to give away or trade, a great way to customize your badge, and a nice way to add an extra bit of fun at the con!

What are Badge Ribbons?

Badge ribbons are adhesive fabric ribbons that you stick onto your badge. Badge ribbons originate from the science fiction convention scene but you can now see them making the rounds at a few anime cons. Ribbons will usually have some funny meme or reference that you think yourself or others will find enjoyable!

Ribbon Challenge

Collect as many ribbons as you can over the course of the weekend! The attendee with the most ribbons attached to their badge at the end of the weekend will win a super cool prize!

Winner will be selected at the Ribbon Gate on Sunday at 4:30 PM.

Ribbon Gachapon

Want to test your luck? Try our gachapon and receive a random ribbon!
Ribbon donations will be rewarded with a special ribbon in exchange.

Ribbon Making

Weren’t able to get ribbons in time and want to join in on the fun? Stop by the Ribbon Station and ask us about at-con ribbon options! Submit your design and come back later to pick up your ribbons once ready!

Custom ribbon orders will be available to order Friday and Saturday between 10AM – 1PM until supplies last. 1 pack will contain 24 ribbons for $15.

Ribbon Directory

Giving away ribbons at the convention? Want to make it easy for other attendess to find them? You can now submit your ribbon designs to be added to our Ribbon Directory, the one stop shop to find all the different ribbon designs at OffKai Expo Gen 2!

How to make Badge Ribbons

So you want to make your own badge ribbons, but how do you do that? Badge Ribbons can either be ordered online or made by hand. Making ribbons can be a bit of a daunting task as there is not a whole lot of information out there on how to make them. BUT FEAR NOT! We will help guide you and hopefully we will see your ribbons going around the con. Below you will find a guide on how to do both!

This page will get updated with more details and ribbon-related activities closer to the con. Keep an eye on our socials for announcements!