OffKai Expo

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OffKai Expo The VTuber Convention

May 31 - June 2, 2024 at Hyatt Regency, Burlingame, California

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Special thanks to all of this year’s sponsors. Find out more about them below!


Main Stage Sponsor - V4Mirai

~Creating Our Mirai, Creating Our World~ V4Mirai brings together a wide variety of talent from all corners and gives them the tools & support necessary to flourish on the world wide stage! See how our VTubers break the mold in all the best ways!

Main Stage Sponsor - idol

idol is a VTuber agency dedicated to nurturing and promoting the next generation of virtual talents. Our passion lies in empowering creative minds to spark joy and inspire the world through authentic and diverse content, transcending the boundaries of traditional entertainment. With a keen focus on innovation, we strive to provide the ideal platform for our talented VTubers to express themselves and connect with audiences globally.

Vendor Hall Sponsor - Phase Connect

We are a Canadian based Vtuber Company with a growing roster of 27 Vtuber talents! We love to create entertainment and spread the love for Vtubing to our viewers across the world – and sell some coffee while we are at it!

Gaming and Arcade Hall Sponsor - Grand Archive

An anime style trading card game with a western game design. With Grand Archive, you can experience clean design, limitless deckbuilding, and cards worth collecting.

Streaming Tech Sponsor - Elgato

Trusted by millions of creators, Elgato connects people and spaces around the world. From the iconic Stream Deck to best-in-class software like Wave Link, Elgato technology empowers storytellers of all kinds to express themselves and grow their audience.

Maid Cafe Sponsor - VShojo

VShojo’s mission is to help VTubers turn their passion into a profession through dedicated management, tech innovations, collaboration, and support.

JAST/J18 - Night Market Sponsor

JAST is the oldest visual novel and eroge publisher in the west, dating back to 1996. We’re the publishers of Steins;Gate, Saya no Uta, X-Change, and many more legendary titles. J18 is our physical-first erotic manga and artbook publishing imprint, producing top quality collectible books by artists like Shiwasu no Okina, Ohagisan, Jun, Hyocoro, Satou Kuuki, and dozens of other fantastic artists.

Vite Ramen - Staff Food Sponsor

The passionate Mad Scientists of the noodle world who fight for ethical business practices, stand up for what’s right, and have fun being just a ‘lil on the wild side.

V-Oshi - Merchandise Sponsor

V-Oshi is a US based merchandise company owned and operated by a former VTuber and artist, striving to bring high quality merchandise to VTubers of all shapes and sizes. Support your Oshi on V-Oshi, or join us and become a Partner to offer your community a unique unboxing experience with our custom individual packaging options!

Studio Nekomata - Merchandise Sponsor

Studio Nekomata is a team of three artists – Dakuma, Faerieko, and Lexiiii – creating art, apparel, and accessories with cute girls on it, because girls are cute and they are gay. With original art, anime fan merch, and partnerships with numerous independent VTubers, Nekomata is here to provide unique designs you can’t get anywhere else.

Sayu Sincro//Nisity - Cosplay Showcase Sponsor

Sayu is a half-android wanted criminal of Cyberpunk Japan, who leads an organization called the “Sindicate”. With a body pieced together by her friends after a catastrophic event, she takes on various odd jobs to be of use to others and hopefully, find somewhere she belongs.


Our mobile streaming app is designed specifically for the anime and VTuber community. Dive into the real-time streaming and engage in dynamic conversations that bring you closer to your favorite AniLivers.


We create virtual experiences that spark love in the hearts of your fans! We work with independent VTuber talents to produce 3D concerts, special events, merchandise, and more.

Studio Élan

We love girls who love girls! At Studio Élan, we make and publish yuri visual novels. Come pick up physical copies of our games and exclusive merch, and meet some of the staff behind our projects! Also representing Virtuality Project, a Vtubing group operated by some of our staff.


Bring anime to reality with custom animatronic VTubers. HatsuMuv and Collabots are working on robotics that allows talent to engage with fans in exciting new ways. Isekai truck not included.

Oshi Push

Oshi Push is a unique take on a trading card game, based on actual VTubers from within the VTubing community. Collect and play with your favorite VTuber Oshi! Partner up with your Oshi and help promote them, with the goal of gaining the most fame and becoming a Kami Oshi! Produced by Japanime Games. Designed by Justin Gary. Set 1 Collaboration with Phase Connect. Future sets lined up with other VTubers you may know! #OSHIPUSH


IRIAM is a Vtuber dedicated mobile streaming app, originally released in Japan in 2018 when Vtuber culture itself had just begun. Since then, we have developed our service alongside with our streamers and viewers, and now we have more than 10,000 active streamers everyday. Currently we are working on the US expansion, targeting 2024 Fall launch.

Stellar Verse Productions

We are a US based VTuber company looking to elevate our talents to the very top of the industry. We believe that the best things do not always come first and that the VTuber industry still has a vast amount of growth potential. By bringing skills and experience from content creation, art, and business, we plan to innovate how corporate VTubers are developed.


Blerp is a universal extension that lets your viewers play sound memes and ai text to speech voice donations on stream! Increase viewer engagement and more clippable moments with Blerp!

lucid Multimedia

lucid Multimedia is a US-based virtual entertainment talent agency that offers VTubers and digital content creators a dynamic platform to unleash their full creative potential. By “Expanding Horizons and Empowering Creativity”, we strive to transform dreams into reality, enrich lives, and create positive, impactful experiences.


VOLs is a gaming-focused VTuber agency pioneering a new era of interactive gaming with VTubers, cultivating a global community through gaming excellence.

Project: Verses

Project: Verses is an emerging VTuber agency ready to rattle the cages and make some noise in the industry! Dedicated to follow through with our mission statement, Project: Verses aims to “Stream FAN-tasy” where our fans have a more personal feel with our superstar talents.


HIKKY aims to develop the living, economic, and cultural spheres of the virtual world and create a society where all creative people can live more freely and abundantly. We pride ourselves as being a place for creators of all types and that specifically includes VTubers.

Be sure to check out Virtual Market 2024 Summer from July 20th to August 4th!


From the inventors of RGB Backlit PC Mod Parts, V1 Tech is combining art and technology to take gaming setups to the next level! They believe in making it possible for anyone to make their setups uniquely their own using highly customizable products. V1 Tech has become the leader in Back Lit Plexi Glass and Acrylic Wall Art that compliments their PC Mod Parts and Gaming PCs!

VRM Character Studio

A Browser-based 3D Model Character Creator for VTubing, VR Chat, Content Creation, Communication & more! Create your Character Easily in your Internet Browser and download quickly!


We are a VTuber Academia that supports a number of talents to embark on VTuber career. We offer curriculum, tools, assets and community for talents to obtain skillsets and knowledge to be successful VTubers.


We are a Japan-based company that supports the activities of Vtubers. We support them in various aspects such as live performances, production of goods, and distribution of events “SPWN”.

AKA Virtual

Introducing AKA Virtual, the powerhouse agency with over 25 VTubers under their brand! Based in Tokyo, the agency’s creative studio also specializes in creating breath taking 3D virtual characters and immersive content using advanced motion capture technology and real-time CG animation. From engaging live streams to trending social media content, AKA Virtual brings digital dreams to life! With a track record of successful collaborations with the likes of VShojo and hololive, AKA Virtual stands at the forefront of virtual entertainment, and next-generation storytelling!

Socks Agency

we’re a company