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OffKai Expo The VTuber Convention

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Cosplay Showcase

Cosplay Showcase

Show off your sewing, acting, and performance skills on our stage!

During our Debut, a lot of talented people roamed the halls, visited panels, and played at the arcade in cosplay. This year, we want to give them a real chance to shine!

The Cosplay Showcase is an official event with hosts, a stage and prizes. This will not be a contest, though!

We are excited to feature the event on our Main Stage on Saturday, June 17 5:00PM to 6:00PM PDT, hosted by our Guest RinTaichou!

Each participant will receive a prize for being a part of the event. We’ll also raffle off some bigger items generously provided by some of our sponsors & partners (VShojo, Studio Élan, and more!) among all participants at the end.

Come show us and our attendees your cosplay!


  • This is NOT a judged competition or masquerade! This is a walk-on showcase for cosplayers to display their work.
  • All participants will receive a participation prize for being part of the showcase.
  • We will raffle off prizes from some of our Partners & Sponsors (VShojo, Studio Élan, and more!) among all participants at the end of the showcase!
  • Each participant or group of participants will be given time (2 minutes maximum) on stage. This time allotment is subject to change depending on the number of entries.
  • All cosplays and performances must adhere to Attendee Code of Conduct and Cosplay/Prop Rules within.
  • Participants may provide music to OKE staff for playback during their performance.